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Job interview

Job interview

After sending your cv you naturally hope for an introductory meeting. Whether or not you have had a job interview, every meeting, every interviewer and every company is different. So you have to prepare for an interview and interview yourself every time.

Preparation for the interview

Why did you choose to answer to the advertisement?Or better still, respond to a recruiter’s request? It is important to ask yourself this question, in order to give a precise answer to the person who can ask you this question. Remember that other candidates are also selected, so be the most convincing.


In order to orient your professional aspirations, and to reveal your skills, it is necessary to know for a short time the company for which you are being interviewed. These are parts that you can also mention in your resume. Today many means are at your disposal (minitel, Internet, friends, ANPE,…). To obtain the maximum amount of information necessary for your understanding of the business project. Be concerned, alert and attentive to the information you may retain from this company. Once assimilated, this information will allow you to establish a dialogue with the recruiter, who may thus feel an interest and curiosity during the interview on your part.

Maintenance simulation

This is a very interesting exercise, an exercise that allows you to perceive your personality, your weaknesses, your strengths and weaknesses. The aim is of course to acquire the self-confidence necessary for the interview. Judging and being judged each are the keys for trust. The recruiter is in charge of this mission in a short period of time, help him. Simulate your interview, in front of someone impartial or even in front of yourself. Learn to judge yourself and correct what you wouldn’t like in a reverse situation. You are the recruiter. Make a list of questions about the personality, skills, little “extras” that make the person in front of you the ideal candidate. Be prepared.

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